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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This does not help me calm down ...

ABC News: Exclusive: Scouts' Grand Canyon Terror:
"The six Scouts and three adult leaders were eventually guided to safety by American Indians who live in the area, and plucked out of the wilderness by a Black Hawk helicopter. By the time they flew away, the 10-yard-wide canyon next to a stream where they had been camping had become a 300-yard-wide raging river."
As you may know - I have a son who is a Boy Scout (tenderfoot, working for his 'second class') ... during his first year, parents were welcomed to go with on the camping trips - the leaders think its a great way to show the kids they can be seperate from mom/dad and it shows mom/dad that there really isn't anything to worry about ... now he is going into his second year (not counting his cubby years) and now he will be expected to go camping w/o me or dad - just himself.

This story does not make me any more comfortable about it.

As an older scout now he will be taking trips to the BWCA, going mountain climbing, cave camping, etc. I was worried enough about bears, frost bite, storms -- yikes -- I don't remember my parents EVER going thru this kind of terror with my 6 brothers when they were in boy scouts ...

actually truth be told ....

I think they kind of looked forward to getting them boys out of the house for a while.

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