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Thursday, August 28, 2008

waiting waiting waiting

Okay so I have been trying my best to avoid it -- like a boggart -- but I don't think I can avoid it any longer ....

I have put in a request for an Invite to Ravelry.

it was the hottest thing a while back and they had a waiting list of like 3 months when I first heard about it ... I figured it was going to eventually fade - that it was the latest fad on the internet and that it wasn't going to last long...

Boy was I wrong.

Well I guess there are conversations going on over there for the sock-swap group as well ... so I finally broke down ... like I need yet another distraction (only reason I'm blogging this morning instead of grabbing my socks is because my eyes are so sore from last nights storms - they lasted until 2 am and the thunder shook the concrete/brick house).

well ... it said there was only a 2 day wait .... I'm on day 3.

waiting .... waiting ..... waiting. sigh. this is boring. off to look at more photos of Snape.

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