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Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC - Shame on them!!

My Way News - Democrats choose Obama in thunderous acclamation:
"Hillary Clinton's call for Obama to be approved by acclamation - midway through the traditional roll call of the states - was the culmination of a painstaking agreement worked out between the two camps to present a unified front after their long and often-bitter fight for the nomination."
Get ready people, because this is what you can expect from the democrats if they get all three houses -- only people THEY think should count will actually have a vote!

This is the same party that insisted that the chads get counted in FL because they said 'everyone's votes deserve to be counted' yet at the first light that their could possibly be a 'rebellion' of sorts ... they do a 180!!

You can pretty much bet that if they get full powers, unstoppable powers, we will see a "representative census" in 2010 instead of a full census as ordered by the constitution. We will find that there will be a great "redistribution" of wealth - well except for those people at Pelosi's special party who raised at least $100,000 for the political party.

Yeah - that's a party for the little guy ... just remember this when they get in. Last time the Dems had all the power? Carter's high inflation/no gas/3-mile island (although that wasn't his fault ... I had no idea that he was a nuclear scientist!) years.

Thank goodness there were only 4 of them.

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