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Friday, August 15, 2008

What the F???

John Bolton: After Russia's invasion of Georgia, what now for the West? - Telegraph:
"As bad as the bloodying of Georgia is, the broader consequences are worse. The United States fiddled while Georgia burned, not even reaching the right rhetorical level in its public statements until three days after the Russian invasion began, and not, at least to date, matching its rhetoric with anything even approximating decisive action."
what did Bolton (former US ambassador to the UN) want us to do? we couldn't very well make any statements without having information confirmed .... nor could we enter the country without permission .... then too there was the question of NATO and if Georgia's petition to join them would play a role ... then too there was the whole anti-war movement here at home -- could you imagine the uproar if Bush had came out with a huge statement right away???

People need to trust that there was a lot of action going on behind the scenes -- I highly doubt the US was 'fiddling' --- lets not buy into the Russian retroric from the old Cold War days, where the US seemed to get blamed for everything that went wrong in Europe by the Eastern Bloc.

Poor Bush .... damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Bush isn't to blame for this act -- Russia is .... let's not lose sight on any of that.

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