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Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay - so we are planning a great 3 day weekend - go to cabin tonight, have fun with kids & dog before school starts ... great fun. Bonfire, fishing, knitting! water gun fights, playing fetch all day, swimming.

But the dog stank -- she didn't stink -- she stank! So told oldest daughter to wash the dog -- its okay, she is 16 and can handle the dog. well she got the soap on and left the 12 yr old in charge of rinsing the dog off ... not too bad really, he has enough common sense to keep the dog listening to him.

So next thing I know the 8 yr old is coming in the house crying - somehow she managed to get pulled into the concrete house and put a lovely chip in one of the lenses of her glasses. didn't break the frame by the look of it -- just chipped it right where she looks thru.

So how did she get slammed into the wall you might ask? Why the 12 yr old thought it was okay to put the 60lb kid in charge of the 90lb dog, of course. this is why 12 yr olds should not be allowed to baby sit.

she is okay, the glasses to the brunt of it all ... but damn it! well wouldn't you know it, her prescrip is 5 weeks too old for them to make her a new lens -- all she needed was the one.
It takes 2 weeks to get into her regular eye dr. school starts next week too -- crap.

Luckily the eye dr attached to the eye glass place is able to squeeze her in around the other patients -- no guarentee as to just when she will get seen, just sometime tonight before they close for the day. so we could be seen right away, or we could be sitting there for an hour or more waiting for our turn.

Actually it was really nice of them to squeeze her in -- she has never been seen there before so this is a really nice thing they are doing for her ... of course my wimpering on the phone may have helped some.

Then to top it all off -- she fell in the shower so now she has TWO hurt elbows (she scraped up the other one earlier playing football with the 12 yr old) .... boy I hope there aren't anymore 'surprises' today.

I need some tea and some knitting time .... but I've got to pack ... I've been putting it off, and now hubby has to come home early! damn. Not that I don't like hubby coming home (its a bright spot) but I haven't started packing yet and now he will know. damn.

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