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Monday, September 01, 2008

No I'm Not!!!

It has been pointed out to me that my blog has a definate Republican point of view.

That I am a republican whether I wish to acknowledge it or not.

to this I have to say ....

I am NOT a Republican ... I am truly an Independent. I listen to what the politicians say and decide which ones I agree with the most.

I have been known to vote for as many Democrats as Republicans -- hell I even voted for Clinton's 1st term (jerk head) ... I voted for Jesse Ventura .... and had he decided to run for Pres I probably would vote for him again.

I will admit that I probably have more in common with the Republicans than the Democrats, but I wouldn't put myself in with them.

as far as my using 'democrats' as a swear/smear word -- I'm sorry old habits are hard to break ... and I'm not planning on stopping it. I call it as i see it -- the Democrats have done a lot more to get blamed/cussed out for than the Republicans have.

I've heard plenty of people use 'republican' as a swear word so what's the difference?

Nope I'm not Republican - we had Arne Carlson (R) as governor of our state ... only voted for him once - because the dems had an idiot, and the Reps made a really really bad choice to go into the primaries (he was super scary!)

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