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Sunday, August 17, 2008

World's Greatest Knitting Husband

What a sweetie my hubby is -- he is so good to me its unbelievable ... yet being so open hearted can cause us all sorts of issues as people tend to take advantage of him.

but here is how sweet he is.

Yesterday my second order of books (and my partners needles) came in the mail ... $50 for free shipping feach order ... he knows I'm looking at the site again for yarn .... he sat next to me as I worked on my laptop.

So we had to go to the Mall of America - the only thing it is missing is a craft store (hint hint to any LYS owners out there) .... and I had commented that I wished that we would time to stop by Walmart to pick up some circular needles.

Well after MOA we went to Sam's Club - where he spoiled the two little ones we took with us (not so little really - 8 & 12) and when we got home he said that nothing else could get done until everything was put away .... figuring he was talking about the stuff he bought for them it was quite the surprise when he started putting on his shoes and said 'let's go'.

Well we got to Walmart and they didn't have the size I needed for my socks ... so I fretted a bit and he asked if Target would have them - nope, no craft area there ... well we walked around the store a bit and he peeked at the Blue-ray dvds (the next Betamax, if you ask me) and then asked if there wasn't anyplace close that had knitting needles - I said well there was Hancock Fabrics...

Boom, next thing you know we're there! What a sweetheart ... he found the knitting needles before I did and waited patiently helping me check the size on each one - it only took a little education for him to learn that mm size is not the same a US needle size. Nope they didn't get that small either.

I told him that the LYS (Three Little Kittens) would probably have them but we both agreed that they would probably be too expensive to buy two circs - so he ran me off to Michael's all the way back by Sam's Club (two cities over).

I wish i had my camera with me - it was quite the picture, he found the needles whip-stitch and even found the proper size quicker than the stitches pull-out when the phone rings (c'mon you know its happened to you too) ... he even tried to help find some size 3 sock wool for me. we found plenty of size 4 (worsted) but no size 3 (DK/sport) --- actually remembering that Michaels used to be Lee Wards, THE go to place for crafting when I was growing up, especially knitting & crocheting (they had two full walls and at least 4 whole aisles of differing yarn ... and the christmas felt crafts - OMGs, I still drool thinging about it all ... it was the 'candy store' of my youth) .... anyways they used to be LeeWards, now they are nothing like it - now they have a single aisle and four end caps and a part of the back wall of yarn, but only the width of two aisles.

I could have cried to see how the mighty have fallen. So sad.

But there my husband was, lookinwg at needles .... feeling the wool/wool blends ... checking labels ... and he actually seemed to be enjoying it! What a sweety. He found me two circs in the proper size, each a different color - that will make doing the socks on two needles so much easier.

He was so adorable! of course, I kind of blew it when I took the kids down the doll aisle to point out the shoes for my daughters 16" springfield doll -- she actually wasn't as excited about that as she was the teddy bears that they had there too.

Anyhow - so we left there and came home.

Being curious about different sock cast-ons I hit You Tube ... I was looking for how to do the Norwegian cast-on .... what I found were some vids on doing a 'Twisted German' cast 0n looking at them I think they are the same thing in actuallity. So I was watching them on the laptop during the commercials of his show so that I wouldn't interrupt anything (after all he had been so sweet).

Suddenly he looks at the screen and asks 'Is that the Yarn Harlot?' Yes my husband knows something of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee ... he knows I like reading her blog, often talking to it - oh you know you do it too - and yesterday as I was uploading her audiobook 'At Knit's End' to my iTunes I kept laughing at the 'You Know You Knit Too Much When...' segments - I'm sorry I couldn't help it ... and then of course I shared them.

My absolute favorite so far that I have been giggling about all day? You Know You Knit Too Much follow a man thru the store not because he is handsome but because he is wearing a sweater that has the cable you've been trying to figure out. That is so funny to me -- because I am that way with crochet, see crochet is my first love - its where i started to crawl, then walk, then run like the wind.

knitting is like learning a second language - I'm sliding off to the side here aren't I?

So wonderful husband took me to Michael's ... not because he didn't want to spend the money at KnitPicks but because he didn't want me to have to wait for two weeks for them to get here and then I wouldn't be able to get the in two different colors (I had explained how two different colors would be helpful, but that i wasn't a huge fan of bamboo because it gripped to tightly to the yarn)

couldn't you just eat him up? So now I have my needles, I'm pretty sure about the pattern I will use, but the yarn -- well I still haven't decided on that issue yet -- but you can't say he didn't try!

I think I will keep him -- sorry ladies, he's all mine!

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