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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Swatch my smoke

okay ... so I am trying to decide between two yarns - in order to work I will have to swatch it up (not my favorite thing) to see how many COs I will have to do.
It also gave me an excuse to try the knitted cast-on -- I hate it. It is very loose and looks sloppy ... nope don't think I'll use it.

The first swatch is DMC 100% virgin wool ... it feels kind of scratchy right now, but I'm thinking after a gentle hand washing (and it will have to be handwashed or else it is going to felt) it will soften up.

It is working up to about 5sts and 6 rows per inch on size 6 dpns worked in stockingette stitch, but in single-point style ... that is turning at the end of the row ... not really a 'true' gauge for a sock but it gives me a round estimate.

the other yarn, which I haven't worked up yet ... admendment to come ... will be with Starlette irregular gauge (but it was supposed to be equiv to a size 4) ... it is wonderfully soft but its 100% acrylic which I've heard can be sweaty.

I've gotten some new books, but just before they arrived I found a pattern I like in one of the books that came just before vacation (I never did write about them did I?) It is worked up in tube-sock fashion so I won't have to worry about turning a heel or working a gusset and messing with those holes that inevitably work their way in .... and yet....

somehow I feel that if I don't work a heel I will be cheating my partner out of a decent sock -- but its such a cute yet straight-forward pattern that i have to admit I really like it. Because i don't have to worry about the heel i can do just about anything i want and not have to worry about how it will be effected by the flap.

I will be able to tell where the foot begins by being able to try it on ... then I just have to work that half of the sock in plain st stitch to make a solid sole and continue the pattern to the toes. Tough part will be telling where the toes are -- after all everyone's foot is shaped just a little differently, some pointed, some squared, some rounded...mine kind of fan - that is the heel area is narrow and the toes are wider.

my second toe is longer than my big toe, but my toes seem shorter than other peoples ... my MIL has a very long big toe and the two toes next to it are also long making the foot very pointed - her last two are very short and her foot is nearly even from back to front.

this is going to be tough, I can tell -- but i have to start soon ... very soon.

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