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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC convention

Okay I do need to say that not all protesters got out of hand yesterday, most did fine ... but there were enough to make for some really damage.

I saw on the news some lady saying that one protestor walked in front of the police with a pipe in his hand and his face covered and the cops didn't stop him --- lady that's because they can't do anything until a law is actually broken. The police are 'reactionary' not 'pre-emptive' .... so you can have your theories of 'police set up' all you want, but if that officer had stepped in sooner you would be yelling that they didn't know what the guy had planned with that pipe.

And what did you do when you saw he was going to do it? did you go up to him and say 'no this is a peaceful protest?' I would bet not ... if you did, great for you - but he was going to do it no matter what.

Let's face it -- these are people who think playing Grand Theft Auto is fun .... they were looking for a bit of that action in their real life ... and as sad as it is for you, you have to deal with the questions surrounding that ... don't get mad at the reporters -- get pissed at the brats that rained on your parade.

As far as the horses being used to 'trample' protesters -- you weren't trampled ... in fact if anything the protestors that I saw being moved back by the mounties were trying to get the horses to rear up and lash out .... they are lucky those horses are so well trained!

As far as being treated like 'animals' .... I don't think so - didn't see any tranquilizers being used, although that's not that bad of an idea!!

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