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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC Convention

"The rampaging protesters attacked members of the Connecticut delegation, spraying them with a noxious liquid. One 80-year-old delegate needed medical treatment.
Others tossed bottles, slashed tires and shattered windows - including those of a police car. There were 56 arrests."
Including the tires of the local Fox affiliate simply because they had Fox on the side .... so what did these people say they were 'protesting'? did they have any single point they could speak of? NO -- they simply said 'the whole past 8 years' -- hey dick heads - the situation you are angry about didn't happen until 3 years ago ... and could one of you explain what Macy's Department Store had to do with anything??

I'm telling you, most of the people I saw on the news were of that "talk it out" type of child-rearing that became so popular in the 80's -- trust me I was in college at the time that it became so big -- the kids never got punished for their actions as kids so they never learn consequences, they never had to make restitution for what they did, and they never had to work for anything.

so these kids can't understand why they are in trouble with the cops now. they can't understand why throwing a trash can thru a window is a bad thing -- why don't they just get told 'don't do it again' or 'that really hurts their feelings' instead of getting thrown in jail. Nor can they understand that if that 80 yr old delegate suffers complications for what they did, they can be held accountable for terroristic murder.

they don't understand that they are terrorists -- and as such are subject to the laws applicable to terrorists. I would LOVE to see a few of them go on trial for it too -- and get convicted -- and find out if Obama would pardon them.

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