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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How would YOUR boss react??

If you came in late to work as much as this guy does ...

do you think you would have a job for very long?

do you think you would get a promotion?

Of course not ...

In case you missed it this was the

Foreign Relations Commission Hearings
there is a total of 9 clips of being late, and 1 of being interrupted for a phone call ... now these are just the clips that could be found -- geez, its a good thing he is taking his position on the commission so seriously that he made sure that he was there to hear the testimony.

I don't know about you -- but if someone takes the time, whether voluntarily or subpeona, to get there butts in those chairs and their testimony is important -- then I feel the Senators had best get their butts there on time as well.

This is the Laise Faire governing that got us into so much financial debt as it is (by the way, most of that national debt had to be approved by Congress, don't be fooled by them blaming just the President)

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