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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Opinion Matters

okay - so for the first time since I've been voting (less than 30 yrs) I actually had the chance to do one of those national phone polls.

YES ... the best part is that I notice that shortly afterwards .... after they obviously changed their polling area ... that the polls have really swung the other way .... okay not completely but at least this time they are showing what is closer to the truth and that the Presidential race is closer than they thought.

Of course it could be that they changed the group of people polled so that people who would tend to vote Democrat wouldn't go 'Obama's got it in the bag, my vote won't count' ... instead they are hoping the McCain supporters are going to do that - which could very well happen.

People who tend to vote repubican seem to live in areas where weather can effect poll turn outs -- yes even in my state of snow-hearty people, if it rains people don't want to go out (fools).

HEY if you don't vote -- I don't want to hear ANY complaints about how much money is going to what company, who is getting the bonuses, or how much tax is being taken from your paycheck ..... I don't want a word spoken about Supreme Court appointees, laws pushed thru congress, or how there isn't any one in the White House with a spine stiff enough to stop it.

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