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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Election 2008

Well what the hell did he think was going to happen?
Obama has testy moment with the media:
"A pool of national photographers, reporters and a video crew traveling with Obama quickly covered the spontaneous moment.
'All right guys, that's enough,' said Obama, wearing a casual outfit and sunglasses in the early evening.
He and his daughter were walking right toward the media on a public
This is the same thing we see with celebrities in Hollywood ... they put themselves into the public light, put their FAMILIES into the public light and then get pissed because, gee, they are in the public light.

Children are not props.

Obama walked TOWARD the reporters -- he wanted the photo op with his daughter - he could have chosen to go the other direction, but he didn't. The surprise surprise someone actually acted the way that paparazzi to and FOLLOWED them.

Does he think its going to get easier once he's in the White House??? Easier on the kids? they can forget about Trick-or-Treating if he gets in, the Secret Service can't sweep all the houses in a neighborhood to be sure they are safe.

Why these people don't talk to people like Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, or any of the other kids who were in the WH with their parents and see what its really like is unbelievable.

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