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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The New Minority

I really hate saying this about a fellow female, but what a witch (give and take a letter) .... Knitting passenger makes trip unbearable: "Alas, at the last minute, in breezed the middle-seat occupant, a long-locked, long-skirted woman who quickly filled not only her seat but was of the body type that also filled parts of the seats on both sides of her.
I wriggled away from our common armrest to make room as she bent over and rummaged in her cavernous carry-on. But what she eventually retrieved demanded closer inspection. Were they …? Yes, the woman was … knitting."

As you read the column you get the feeling that her problem was less with this woman's knitting than it was with (a) the woman was larger than she was (b)she had to pay to check her bag and (c)she was pissed because she couldn't bring what she wanted on board.

But of course ... according to her, it was the knitting that ruined her trip -- bolonga!!

What a spoiled girl she must be .... notice that she wasn't pleased with the fact that she was going to have to sit by anyone to begin with ... let alone someone who might actually try to engage her in conversation.

Actually I have hope for the world ... I was able to check out 4 comments sent to the columnist (members only and I really didn't want to join just to bawl her out) ... and they were overwhelmingly against the reporter - of course I suspect that the responses I read were written by knitters, so they may be a tad biased - but still people are speaking out, that's good.

If only they had done this when the airlines were talking about charging extra for larger sized passengers, and then decided to make the seats narrower (so they will end up charging more people for being too large for the seats) ... I grew up in a family with 6 older brothers and a regular 6 passenger car.

None of us were overly large but you knew to keep your elbows in ... but they were boys and boys have broader shoulders ... they don't make men pay extra for having worked out and gotten big shoulders that won't fit into seats, so why should they charge extra for the mother of 6 who has hips bigger than their prescribed 20 some odd inches??

But now they are going after the knitters .... because, geez, this lady is scared that somehow the lady in the center seat is going to be able to hop over her and then what?

LADY - take one of your pills and chill out. They are knitting needles -- and you are an ass.

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