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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sins of the Father

It has to be noted the different spelling of the name 'Osama' in this article -- this is about the 4th different spelling of his name ... varying in the U or O, big B or little B, with an I or an E in the last name ... and this is why its so hard to find this bugger! - Usama Bin Laden's Son Denied Entry Into Egypt:
"Omar Osama bin Laden — one of the Al Qaeda leader's 19 children — caused a tabloid storm last year after he married Alsabah. He has not renounced his father, but has said he wants to be an 'ambassador for peace' between the Muslim world and the West."

Okay trying not to chuckle over the whole 'ambassador for peace' ... not because I don't think he's sincere, but because .... well does this look like a peaceful person to you?

Yeah ... he looks like he would scare the crap out of a Hell's Angel. Actually I think its the jacket ... put him in a business suit and I would bet he would look a lot more "tame".

if he is sincere in his just wanting to live in peace and all, then I feel kind of sorry for him. After all there won't be a country who would dare take him in ... either they will be labelled a danger to world peace or the others will be out to get them too ... its a no win situation.

I think it would go a long way for him if he would just come out and speak against his father -- but to do so would be putting himself and his wife in jeopardy. And you can't blame him for wanting to protect themselves.

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