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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Presidential Trivia Quiz 1

to see the answers highlight the area below (to highlight, hold in you right mouse button while dragging your cursor down the page slowly)

Can you name who made these Presidential Firsts? Try to do it first from memory, then you can search the web.

Who was the first President to be photographed?

John Quincy Adams.
his imagine was taken in 1843

How did the donkey become the symbol of the Democratic party?

During his run for the presidency, opponents called Andrew Jackson a 'jackass' and he liked it so much, the symbol stuck.

Who was the first President to hire an Executive staff?

Herbert Hoover (he also was the first one to have a phone on the Oval Office desk)

Under who's administration was the country completely debt free? There has only been one.

Andrew Jackson. Despite what you may have heard of a Clinton 'surplus', there was still a national debt.

Who was the first President to have a car at the White House?

William Taft, actually he had several - one of which was an electric car!

Name the first President who had to deal with a Depression (bank failure) in America?

Martin Van Buren. Andrew Jackson had left the banks in an unsteady state of collapse, which it did under his term.

Who is the only President to have studied medicine?

William Harrison, ironic since he died a month after taking office from pneumonia.

Which President had 15 children?

John Tyler

Which President never held any other elected office?

Zachary Taylor

Who was the first president to try to pass a civil rights bill?

Andrew Johnson, but congress vetoed it.

Which President ran on the ticket as a member of the "Know Nothing" Party?

Millard Fillmore. Though he didn't win the election running with this party, he did run as a member of it. The 'Know Nothing' party was very anti-Catholic, and believed that only people born in America should hold public office and that all public school teachers needed to be Protestant.

Which Presidents had pet alligators at the White House?

John Quincy Adams
Herbert Hoover, well okay they belonged to his son Alan.

Which President NEVER married?

James Buchanan

Who was the first President to have a telephone in the White House?

Rutherford Hayes

Who was the first sitting President to travel to the west coast?

Rutherford Hayes

Which President had a pet hippo?

Calvin Coolidge, it was a Pygmy hippo

Which year had three different sitting Presidents in the White House?

1881: Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield (died in office by assassination), and Chester Arthur.

Who appears on the $100,000 bill? *Yes there really is one*

Woodrow Wilson. The bill is only circulated between banks and government institutions.

Which President had political ties (supposedly) with the assassin of his predecessor?

Chester Arthur (although he denied the association, the claim was made by the assassin himself)

Which President was elected on his birthday?

Warren Harding

Who was the first sitting President to visit Alaska?

Warren Harding.

Which President was sworn into office by his own father?

Calvin Coolidge (he was visiting his father when Harding died, and his father was a Notary Public)

Which President kept a horse in his bedroom?

Calvin Coolidge (okay, it was a mechanical horse)

Who was the first President to have a woman in his cabinet?

Franklin Roosevelt, she was Francis Perkins and served as Secretary of Labor throughout his three terms.

Which President was sworn into office by a former President?

Calvin Coolidge, was sworn in by fmr. Pres. W.H. Taft.

Which President used a Presidential set of China to pay off a gambling debt?

Warren Harding, the set was from the Buchanan administration.

Which President invented his own game?

Herbert Hoover, he invented "Hoover Ball" (although wikipedia states that it was his physician that created the game, my sources attribute it to Hoover himself on his physicians urging to get more exercise)

Was was the first MBA to be President of the United States?

George Bush

Which President had a type of hotel, city, and flag named after him?

Herbert Hoover. A Hoover Hotel was a cardboard box or shanty, a Hooverville was a bunch of Hoover Hotels or a shanty town, and a Hoover flag was a pocket turned inside out.

Who is the only President to be elected to three terms of office? (this one is easy)

Franklin Roosevelt

Who was the first President to have been a Boy Scout?

John Kennedy

First President to have a Presidential plane was?

Franklin Roosevelt, it was a C54 called the Dixie Clipper. The first Airforce One (then called the Sacred Cow) was a C54 outfitted with an elevator

Which President used tax-payer money to install a soda machine that only dispensed one type of pop?

Lyndon Johnson, he liked the pop Fresca (grapefruit flavored citrus pop)

Who was the first President to sign legislation aboard the official presidential plane?

Harry Truman

Who was the first President who knew how to fly a plane on his own?

Dwight Eisenhower.

Who was the first President to ride in an armored vehicle?

Franklin Roosevelt, he had an armor plated car, he also had a specially converted railroad car, the Ferdinand Magellan, which also had two emergency exits should anything happen.

First President to use the Bubble-Top for the car?

Dwight Eisenhower

Which President had his car armored to the point where it was safe from a grenade?

Gerald Ford. The floor was specially armor plated so that if a hand grenade was thrown beneath it he would still be safe. This is the car Ronald Reagan was getting into the day he was shot.

Who was the first President to ride in a helocopter?

Dwight Eisenhower

Well - that should be enough for everyone to chew on for a while.

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