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Monday, November 10, 2008

Talk Show Sunday

Okay - didn't want to make this Movie Monday stuff ... but this should scare EVERY American, no matter income, race, religion, party ... because we are seeing this attitude all over the place and it needs to be squalshed now.

so did Tom Brokaw jump on that turn of phrase? Of course not -- no one dares say anything against messiah Obama (they are already talking about giving him a special holiday - ranking him up there with Lincoln, Washington, and MLK - he ain't done nothin' yet!!!)

Is it a slip of the tongue ... of course ... but I really feel they feel that is what he will do. RULE.

He won't have anything to do with the Supreme Court other than appointing judges - so she didn't mean 'rule' that way, legaleeze.

The President GOVERNS a king RULES -- we are America we do not have a King .... nor do we have a Chancelor like Germany did in WW2 ... nor do we have an Emporer ... nor a Supreme Leader ...

Have I heard anything from Obama that makes me think he would agree with this statement of her's .... no. I have from PELOSI but not Obama - I will give him that much.

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