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Friday, November 14, 2008


A judge has cleared the way for misleading, deflamatory, guilty-before-innocent accussations in ads!!!

Judge throws out Coleman ad complaint -
"A judge has dismissed a legal complaint filed by Sen. Norm Coleman against his Democratic opponent, Al Franken, over a claim in a Franken TV commercial.
Coleman took issue with a Franken ad that called Coleman 'the fourth most corrupt senator in Washington.' It cited a Washington ethics watchdog group that Coleman says is biased toward Democrats.
But administrative law Judge Barbara Neilson ruled Thursday that Coleman failed to show probable cause that the ad was false."
Let me get this straight -- Franken makes false accussations, slanders Coleman's good name, Coleman's lawyers come forward with the TRUTH about this report, and the judge DISMISSES it because the victim couldn't PROVE it??

Gee -- I don't know -- how about the first fact that the study was conducted by a CLOSE FRIEND of Franken's ... or how about the fact that the study DID NOT list Coleman in the top four - he was one of four HONORABLY MENTIONED (that means that he wasn't bad enough to make the top ten list, but they thought they'd mention him anyways) ... or what about the fact that the ad was full of LIES???????

Oh but geez ... you know .... if you know the person who put the study together, I guess you can get anything to come out the way you want.

This is a bunch of BS -- this is judicial sanctioned voter misinformation! I can't believe that the judge wouldn't have said "let's take this to trial and let's see what you've got .... I want to take a good look at this study" ... I would say more, but you never know what might happen in life - and I'd hate to be on the bad side of a politically motivated judge.

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