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Thursday, December 04, 2008

HA - shoes on the other foot now

Franken's campaign protests 133 mystery ballots from Minneapolis:
"DFLer Al Franken's campaign lodged a protest over 133 votes that it said could not be accounted for during the recount, at a possible cost to him of as many as 46 net votes in his race against Republican Sen. Norm Coleman."

Okay, then the 100+ votes that suddenly showed up Up North that didn't seem to effect ANY other race up there need to be pitched as well - oh wait that's right you see that as different.

How about tossing out the 30+ absentee ballots that amazingly turned up days later in the back of someone's car -- would you go for that? Nope ... guess not.

Look any way you look at it -- Franken has lost. Even if they manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat, he has lost ALL confidence of the public. NOBODY wants him at this point ...

I've even heard Democrats shaking their head and saying that he is costing the taxpayers too much for this farce ... and that he should just gracefully bow out.

And people wonder why the state is going to have such a big deficent this year.

what you thought that since its was a Federal election that the feds would pay for it? nope -- all elections are handled on the STATE level ... which is why the US Senate has nothing to say about it.

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