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Friday, December 12, 2008

never mind the facts ...

Al Franken gets boosts in Minn. Senate recount: "On the missing Minneapolis ballots, the board voted unanimously to rely on the ballot machine tapes rather than the results from the manual recount in the one precinct. Coleman's campaign had argued against using anything but the recount figures.
A packet of ballots from the precinct couldn't be found after an exhaustive search of the city's election warehouse. Consequently, the recount showed 133 fewer votes than the number of people who signed in on Election Day or who voted absentee." never mind that they had already shown that 129 of these 'missing' votes were proved to be ballots which ran thru the machine twice ... never mind that the votes can't be found and should be disqualified.

As far as the Absentee Ballots go -- lets never mind the fact that they WERE disqualified for whatever reason the ELECTION JUDGES felt their training showed to be a legitimate reason - still no mention the reasons that the ballots were considered 'unwarrantly' dismissed. Seems to me that they would have to say why they feel they were dismissed wrongly ... but so far all they have had to do is state their position and the state has buckled.

this is supposed to be done by the 15th but they still have 4200 challenged votes to count yet. Yuck.

Franken needs to take the high road here -- it would go a long way for him on his next run if he would just gracefully bow out now and let the business of the state move forward, instead of wasting the taxpayers money.


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