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Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Great!

Okay so hubby and I decided to do some last minute shopping - which wound up being cut short due to flu - and we way over spent this year.

Hubby got me a turntable that has am/fm radio, cd-r, turntable ... and I can record from my old platters onto cd's so I can preserve some of those very old children's records that I have that can't be found anymore. My only concern is that, well, they haven't been kept in the best situation over the last 10 yrs .... I'm hoping they aren't so warped that they won't play or play funny.

I am especially happy that I will be able to save my Raggedy Ann & Andy record -- it was my very very favorite ever since I got it and still find myself singing songs from it ... and considering how I used to fall asleep listening to it, even after college, it makes complete sense that I would have "Raggedy Andy", "The Camel With The Wrinkled Knees", and "Mother Dear" stuck in my head.

I can't wait to get it all onto my iPod!!!

Hubby found a new vcr/dvd-r machine ... the last one he bought to replace the one in the basement you might recall turned out to be a return (as evident by the dvd we found inside it) and they would only refund 10% of the price -- I was going to argue with them but hubby decided to just take it back (too bad too, it was a nice panasonic - I like panasonic) ... but when we were at Target we found a cheap $64 that should suffice until he can find something he really likes.

I did finally talk him into spending some money on himself ... but as I don't know if my son reads my blog or not ... I can't say anymore about things until after the holidays.

We were going to hit the supermarket too and grab their ham for $0.99/lb and get another one of their turkeys at $0.88/lb. plus some other goodies that they have on sale ... but #1, I forgot to print up the list as I really wasn't expecting hubby to take me (wanted to just get some stocking stuffers ... and we still forget to get the kids their slippers) .... and #2 hubby wound up getting sick at Target.

So we got home and ever since he has been just miserable ... no fever yet, no vomit, no coughing ... but oh the poor porceline in the bathroom.

Then during the football game (Green Bay vs. Chicago) oldest son finally admitted that he isn't feeling well -- he's got it too, only with strong chills. This kid NEVER gets sick ... if he catches a cold more than once a year its unusual ... so having him catch the flu is really unusual.

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