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Friday, December 19, 2008

Well DUH

My Way News - Minn. Senate recount likely to drag into new year:
"Coleman's lead eroded all day Thursday as the Canvassing Board considered a pile of challenges brought entirely by the Coleman campaign. The pile included a big chunk of withdrawn challenges, many of which went quickly to Franken's column."
What did Coleman think would happen? This was so stacked against him it was almost comedic!

From counting those mysteriously found 100+ votes up north that didn't change any other race, just the senetorial counts .... to the inclusion of the 133 double counted votes ... to the Canvassing Board being overwhelmingly dems ....

Did he really think that just because they discounted that other vote for Coleman because someone put a stray mark on the page that they would do the same for a Franken vote?? PLEASE

For the money that they are spending on this recount, they could have ran a special election. I really think the Canvassing board should go 'look this thing is so screwed up we have no choice but to go with the election night count' ... but they won't.

They are counting votes that would have been rejected by the voting machines even - those that would have been read as an 'over count' where there were marks in more than one bubble .... they are counting votes where a person didn't even fill in a bubble just made a note as to what they wanted.

hell they counted a write-in vote that simply said 'democrat' .... what the hell? If you don't know who your candidate is -- DON"T VOTE!!

We are going to end up with a clown in office ... the MN people are going to be so screwed .... because they wanted to play politics instead of paying attention to issues.

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