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Thursday, December 18, 2008

review: digital television

okay so hubby got a new HD digital capable television for the 'parlor' .... its a nice set really ... its a 42" bravia ... upon setting up we were shocked to see that it found lots of digital channels over the antennea waves too.

So we have had it for a few days and I have to tell you .... I have been watching mostly the digital stations because they come in so much clearer, but we live in an area that really forced us to get cable because signals for the analog couldn't get to the tv very well -- well the location and the fact that we have a concrete house which of course means rebar too.

Well I am really wondering if this is going to work.

There is nothing quite like watching a show and having the picture suddenly digitalize on you so you get a choppy audio and blank out screens.


And the government figures this is better ... HOW??? and then to throw the price of the change onto the comsumer is nutty and unfair.

I could see it if they had made it voluntary for stations to go digital and then people had a choice as to whether they wanted to get the extra stations or not ... but no ... the government has gone -- everyone must go digital and if your tv doesn't do it you will have to buy a converter .... oh and by the way, they cost more than the 'coupons' are that we are offering you --- of course if you have read my blog you know what happened to me with my delivered expired coupons that they won't replace.

oh well.

still I'm thinking we will have to invest in a new antennea - they say the old ones are supposed to work but I don't think they can handle the digital signals.

sigh .... just wait .... cars are next .... you won't be able to drive the car you have now because they aren't going to be selling the gas for it anymore ... you will have to buy a new one, never mind that most people won't be able to afford them, never mind that they won't work as well, never mind that there was nothing wrong with your car to begin with other than others wanting you to have something different ... just wait.... they got away with the tv ....

the cars are next!

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