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Friday, December 05, 2008

Super Liberal Dreaming

(links to particular ballots are to npr's pdf's of the entire ballot)
MPR: Minnesota Senate Recount: Results:
" Statewide Summary _Original____Recount
_Other____________*490,998___(489,577 "

okay so according to NPR ... Franken is up 4,000+ votes? What are they counting the challenged ballots for him but not the ones for Coleman?

So far the official numbers have Coleman up by 200+ votes ... and the 6000+ challenged ballots are still up for grabs as well.

NPR has 4 Rounds of 'You Be The Judge' where you can see what some of these idiots have done to their ballots and why they are in question (the link takes you to Round 4, but you can jump there to the others) .

Must be the same people who came up with the numbers above.

Actually looking at a lot of them you wonder if these people ever went to high school. How can you NOT know how to fill in a bubble by the time you get out of school? Especially with all the tests you have to take? MY GODs, what hicks we look like.

You have got to go see these .... there are the several where a candidate was voted for clearly, but then the person did a write-in but didn't vote for the write-in (the person must have thought you were obligated to put someone in) ... then there was the person who voted for 'Lizard People' or wrote them in ... then there was the person who started their ballot in pen and ended it in pencil ... or how about the person who put the check behind the candidates name instead of in the bubble --

Okay people -- this is made clear to you when you get the damn ballot - IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE GET A NEW BALLOT!!!!!!!!! Actually the recount law is unclear - on one hand it says that any identifying mark such as purposeful writing, initials, smiley faces, etc disqualifies the ballot ... on the other hand it says that the intent of the person needs to be taken into account at a recount ... so what do you do if someone makes a mistake and writes a note to clearify their choice?

BUT you ARE allowed to write the same name in as many 'write-in' spaces as you want just so long as you vote for that person ... nothing prevents you from doing this, that's what the 'write-in' spot is for! so challenges on those grounds are totally unfounded in my mind, even if it was for 'Joe the Plumber' (round 2, #7; round 3, #1)

The dumbest one though has got to be Round 3, ballot 9 -- PICK ONE OR STAY HOME!! WTF??? If you can't pick, don't vote. Just as bad is ballot 10 beneath it -- so IF Mickey Mouse did win, who exactly would sit in office? People - you have to write-in a REAL person ... this is not Brewster's Millions where you get to vote for 'None Of The Above'.

WHAT ASSES!!! See this is what happens when school boards decide that Under-Water-Basket-Weaving classes are more important than Civics class.

In my school we were REQUIRED to take one qtr of Civics (with Mr. Chido aka "Raisin Head" - but that's a different story) ... in Civics you learned things like - who your Representatives were, the order of Succession, HOW TO VOTE, how a person could run for a gov. seat, and how a bill became law.

This is important crap! We also offered a course on Law -- so you could learn your rights, the different courts, what to do if you get arrested, what your civil rights are, and what the different parts of the Maranda Rights really mean. But it wasn't required, it was an elective course.

This is the stuff they NEED to have in schools, not some of these 'feel good' classes -- and they kids need it more than they need to have those crying dolls (which studies show don't work anyways).

Now Round 3, #3 is clearly and i don't know why no one has realized it a depiction of the OLD voter forms where we had broken arrows and then in order to vote you had to complete the arrow. This person tried to simply turn their ballot into one of those type of ballots.
MN got rid of those ballots because too many people couldn't figure out what to do ... yes, people can be totally stupid.

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