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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You've got to be kidding me!!

Google Earth accused of aiding terrorists - Times Online: "An Indian Court has been called to ban Google Earth amid suggestions the online satellite imaging was used to help plan the terror attacks that killed more than 170 people in Mumbai last month.
A petition entered at the Bombay High Court alleges that the Google Earth service, 'aids terrorists in plotting attacks'. Advocate Amit Karkhanis has urged the court to direct Google to blur images of sensitive areas in the country until the case is decided" Yeah, that's it.

its not that terrorists have planned things out on their own ....
its not like they can get this information from anywhere ....

its Google Earth's fault for making public information ... um .... public! How dare they!

What idiots!

Listen -- terrorists have been around well BEFORE Google Earth, and if you do away with G.E. they will still be around ... G.E. does not make bad guys, nor does it encourage bad guys .... stop blaming everybody else and blame ... um ...


Look -- people like to say that America is getting a 'victim mentality' ... but look ... it is a world-wide problem.

If you think that G.E. is causing this sort of thing then you need to go after GPS systems too because they help thieves avoid capture giving criminals alternate routes while being pursued.


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