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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A couple of observations

Franken asks court to clear way into Senate -

"In a filing of his own, Franken asked the state Supreme Court to force Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie to sign his election certificate, allowing him entrée to the Senate.

In a separate suit, which the Franken campaign is financing, 64 Minnesota voters sued Ritchie and local elections officials to have their votes counted in the race."

IF the Supreme Court does this for Franken, then they the ones that vote in favor of it should lose their seats for making law from the bench instead of enforcing the law on the books which is their job ... MN law states that the opponent has 7 days from the end of the recount to file any court case -- not that after 7 days the election would be certified and the candidate would get the papers. Franken needs to back off a bit and take the higher road on this one.

But to try to force anybody to do anything that they can not legally do .... this should really give people an idea of what this guy is like -- only enforce those rules/laws which suit your liking and if not, well just ignore the proper/legal way of doing things and make it to your liking. That is huberous at its Franken best ... to think one is above the rules/regulations simply because he says so.

But then we should have seen it coming with how he chose what laws to follow in his corporation ... taxes, unemployment insurance, etc. and how he kept saying 'I didn't do anything wrong' .... first he blamed his accting firm ... then he blamed the law for being obscure, even though hundreds of others seemed to understnd it, and the more original excuse I've ever heard was 'well I actually overpaid my taxes since I paid them in the other states' - well no, you still underpaid your resident state AND you claimed residence in a state which by the sounds of it you weren't really a resident in so that you could avoid the taxes of the state you were actually living/working in (namely New York).

Damn - sorry - didn't mean to warm-up "leftovers" for you. It just ticks me off that they made such a huge deal over how much Coleman paid in rent but there was little outrage over this whole mess.

now the new lawsuit - paid for by the Franken campaign (they don't need to hide the fiddling with the votes anymore) - makes one wonder if the Franken campaign isn't more than a bit worried that some of those votes that Coleman is trying to get counted won't be enough to tilt the teeter-totter again in Coleman's favor ... well that is if the heavily Democratic courts give him a fair hearing.

Now I heard on the news that the Franken campaign hand picked these particular ballots because they will favor him, not solely because they were improperly disqualified. so how do they 'hand pick' them? because 'absentee ballots', unlike normal ballots, have to carry the name, address, and signature of the voter - things which would disqualify, and was used to throw out normal Coleman votes, a regular ballot from a recount ... this is so that election judges can compare the absentee ballot to their roster of who came to the polls so no one double votes ... but it also gives the campaigns the chance to call those who didn't get counted and find out who they voted for.

Now see this is wrong - it takes away that 'blind' vote part of it .... the voter information should NOT be available for any other purpose than to cross reference for double voting - otherwise you take away the 'secret' ballot part of the equation and people feel pressured that they could open themselves up to ridicule at a later point for their vote.

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