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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So High School / Europe - Europe baffled by broken gas promises:
"Russia began the day by feeding small volumes of gas into a pipeline across Ukraine to the Balkans, but Ukraine refused to transit the supplies, citing technical reasons.
Alexander Medvedev, the deputy chief executive of Gaz­prom, said: “We believed the door for Russian gas was open, but again it has been blocked by the Ukrainians.”
He accused the US of encouraging Ukrainian action: “It looks like . . .  they are dancing to music being orchestrated not in Kiev but outside the country.”"
Well we might as well just come to terms with the fact that anytime some nation stands up to Russia we will be getting the blame ... because Russia doesn't give these other countries enough respect to believe they could ever come up with any political nards to stand up to them.

And goodness knows it couldn't possibly be a real tech issue, it has to be US influence ... of course when their space station was falling apart they had no problem with US influence to help save that thing. Or when Chernobal went cablewy ... good thing we stuck our nose into that one, huh?

Look I'm not saying that Russia shouldn't express opinions ... that's freedom of speech (ironic, isn't it?) ... but rather that they should be careful about poking other countries in the eye -- they never know when they might need something from them ...

even countries like Urkaine might someday be needed to help them - and they may not be so friendly about it if Russia decides to act like an ass now.

Blaming the US instead of just going 'look we've acted like a big bully and we're really sorry' is just so High School --- time to grow up and take a bit of blame instead of trying to paint someone else with it.

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