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Saturday, January 31, 2009

damn damn damn

okay - so my external hd finally pissed me off enough to make me have my husband take a look at it. my "My Book" had taken to locking up to the point where it wouldn't let me turn it off but I would get an error message on my machine saying the drive hadn't been formatted ...

not good because I have EVERY photo and movie taken of the family over the last 3 years on it ... of course since it was my external, I never thought that 'gee this thing could have issues like my laptops' so I hardly ever backed it up onto the big desktop of mine.

So hubby has been working on it all day .... he says it is FULL of bad sectors and that there is a bunch of things that it says can't be accessed by his computer, only by mine - but I have everything as 'shared' files so that I can access them from whatever computer I'm using.

I'm so hoping the computer wizard can save it all ... well at least MOST of it.

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