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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Boy Illinois first had to endure Mayor Daly and his legacy of corruption .... then it is having to struggle with Blagovich (or whatever his name is) ... and now it gets to be embarrassed by possible-senator Burris.

Its not that Blago appointed him.

Its not that the US Senate had already said that it wouldn't allow ANY one appointed by Blago to represent the state.

Its not that Blago decided to go to DC anyways - and probably at the tax payers expense.

Its not that Blago decided and tried to get seated when he knew there was NO WAY he was getting into the chambers.

No the reason they get to feel embarrassment is because -- even though ANY ONE trying for that seat would have been turned away -- Burris is NOW claiming that it was a RACIST MOVE simply because he would have been the only black senator this round (I can't believe that though) ....

This just proves to me that he was chosen not because of what he can bring to the seat but rather that he can be easily lead to what others want him to do. After all they started screaming the race-card before he even got to DC - from the moment that his name came out -- it was like he was chosen because he would claim racism.

This whole thing should make every Illionite hang their head in great shame!!!

it would be different IF it had been a special election and he had won it .... it would have been different if Blago hadn't been under investigation for ALLEGIEDLY trying to sell the seat .... it would have been different if he had ran in the regular election ... all that would be a totally different story ....
IF any of that had happened then, yes, he would probably have a legitimate claim or at least a strong question as to why.

People have totally lost the meaning of what constitutes 'racism' and what doesn't --- just because you are of a certain race, gender, or sexual orientation and something disagreeable happens does NOT make it a racist act.

Burris is 70 yrs old --- I have no doubt that in his life-time he has ran into REAL racism ... he should know better than to use it as the excuse for everything that doesn't go his way -- its like crying 'wolf' ....

soon it gets to the point where when something REAL happens, people will discount it as 'just another claim' ...

OHHHHH this burns my britches. OBAMA needs to come out and say to the nation that its NOT racism or else it will look as if he supports the claims - and he should know that's not the issue.

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