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Monday, January 05, 2009


Nation & World San Francisco considers plan to charge drivers Seattle Times Newspaper:
"Using $1 million in federal funds, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority is studying various 'congestion-pricing' options. If approved, such pricing would make San Francisco the first U.S. city to charge cars a fee to enter certain neighborhoods at certain times."
Are they crazy -- SanFran is not the first one to do it -- MN has been charging people to use the 'sane lane' for years now and it runs thru only 'certain neighborhoods' ... granted that it runs thru several neighborhoods and continuously, but still...

its a stupid plan ...

it is a way for SanFran to try to force people to use the trolley system which has been losing ridership .... which would be sad if they decided to stop it due to lack of ridership ... but this is wrong.

it would be a shame to lose the trolleys .... but the world isn't like it was in 1902 - people generally do not work in the areas where they work ... in fact there usually aren't living areas which one of the workers would live in unless they were minimum wage --

so with people's funds being tied up in so many different ways ... this means that more people will end up 'telecommuting' that is NOT going into the actual city, so no quick lunches at the local diners, no buying of gas at the local station, therefore no influx to the local economy which brings up a whole NEW set of problems ....

nope ... don't think they are thinking this shit thru well enough!

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