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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gee, good thing the courts are unbiased ....

Every legitimate argument this poor guy has, gets shot down for some reason by the Democrats in the state -- what the hell are they afraid of???

My Way News - Markings on ballot copies upset Minn. Senate case:
"The trial on Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount stalled on its first day Monday when the judges said photocopies of 5,000 excluded absentee ballots couldn't be used as evidence because Republican Norm Coleman's campaign workers had marked on them."
but what they don't remark on is that it is very common for notations to be put upon ballots during a recount - but that it doesn't void those ballots from being counted ... if it did, then the race needs to be handed back to Coleman who was the winner before the recount began.

"The marks the campaign workers made included, in some cases, numbering or redaction of private information. After a Coleman witness admitted to the markings, Franken's attorneys objected to using them as evidence because they had been altered."
Never mind the probability that Franken campaign workers were able to do simular marks on photocopies of ballots and got them counted ...

"The three-judge panel hearing the case agreed and told Coleman's attorneys they would have to subpoena the original ballot envelopes instead."
sounds fair until you read this part of it ....
" ... elicited little sympathy from the three-judge panel. "... you better have some backup witnesses," Judge Denise Reilly said. "
which basically sounds like she is saying that even if they do bring evidence, clear concise evidence, unrefutable evidence that these ballots should be counted ... that it still won't be enough to get the panel (who btw was hand picked by the head of the state supreme court who also sat on the Canvassing Board - it is the Canvassing Boards actions that are being called into question ... make sense to you?) to say they should be counted.

It would actually be interesting to see if there are any 'dead people' who voted absentee ... you would think that it would be an automatic thing but there was a recent news report that when things are put into the 'vital statistics' - the area that keeps track of birth/deaths - it doesn't touch such things as state aid or voter rolls ....

this means that technically if you had a parent pass away within the last 4 years, then they are still on the rolls - that's how long it is between list updates - and if someone decides to play fast & loose with your parents name (can you spell A-C-O-R-N?) they can potentially get away with voting in your parents name and you would never know it ....

it used to be if you voted 'absentee' you had to give reason for not going to the polls --- such as being out of town, long/debilitating illness, etc. -- even working at the polls wasn't an excuse, you just did it when you got your break ----- now a days, people use it just so they don't have to be 'inconviencienced' ....

But I want to know ---

How many of you still sign your name like the one on record? I don't recall putting as signature on record, unless they are comparing it to the one I did the election before .... but still .... the signature from this year isn't going to match the one from 4 years ago - in fact other than the capital letters my guess is that they are very little alike.

so does this mean that my vote never counts then? I would think a fingerprint system would be better -- but you will never get the ACIOU (I can't think of them right now) to agree to any sort of database like that .... it might be used to solve crimes ... oh wouldn't want to do that at all.

but back to Coleman .... this poor guy ... I want to say our other senate seat will be up for grabs in 2 yrs but I could be wrong (I think they are 6 yr terms) ... so he might be able to go with that one ... but that's a scary thought because it would put Franken in the Senate unbridled ....

with Coleman in, MN stands to gain so much more because of his senority .... Franken starts at the very bottom - absolutely NO political experience (other than blowing smoke up skirts) means that he becomes the lowest man on the totem pole ... no committees, no influence, nothing.

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