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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In case you are wondering why I haven't been posting (or knitting) ... I am out ill.
started as a little head cold, moved into the chest, then became like the flu, now back in chest and I have no voice because of the rawness in my throat from all the coughing.

My cough has quieted down today, but we will have to see ... if it gets bad again tonight (it gets really bad when I lay down or relax) I am going to the dr just make sure it hasn't progressed into either bronchitis or pneumonia ... we will see -- at least my temp is finaly down .... I think 3 days at 102 was enough, thank you.

It of course means I will have to miss my son's first band concert tonight ... its secondary school band so I'm not expecting the philerhomic, but I would still like to go to support my little trumpeter.

oh well ... you know its amazing how much your throat can hurt while typing? its like there is an uncontrollable spasm to form the words with the larynx (not the lips ... they don't move when I read unless I'm reading something out loud to the kids ... or the husband) ... so I need to fold up for now and give it a rest.

will write back ASAP ... we will see what happens.

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