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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Case Its Lost In Translation ....

Biden Discusses Troop Withdrawals With Iraqi PM - Transition Tracker:
"The spokesman says Biden told al-Maliki that President-elect Barack Obama is committed to withdrawing troops from Iraq but in a manner that does not risk recent security gains."
This means, for those of you who voted for Obama because he promised to pull troops out in his first year, that the troops will not be coming out until 2012 ... um 4 years from now -- which is about where Bush was planning on it originally, even though he thought he could have had them all out by 2010.

and you can read 'recent security gains' to mean Bush's push is actualy working.

In case it hasn't dawned on anyone -- Obama/Biden ran on 'everything Bush did was wrong, we will fix it in our first year' .... now they are going to keep many of his original plans - and no, its not all because of the economy ... part of it is finding that there is only so much that a President can do.

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