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Monday, January 12, 2009

my views on the Golden Globe fashions.

UPDATE: Here is a link to TMZ's full coverage of the "failed" fashions - I don't know, compared to some I don't think these ladies were really all that bad.
I kind of like the red dress - its very RenFaire ... and I really liked Drew Barrymore's dress!

These people don't know what they are talking about!!
okay I heard some comments on Renee Zellweger's dress ... I don't watch the award shows (can't see the point of watching it) so I had to go online to find some photos -- hope I don't get into trouble for this ... but here are my feelings.

Now the critics really hate the dress, the hair, and the white bustier underneath.

I don't know - my only issue with this outfits/assemble is the neckline of the dress.

it had a rather nice collar to it and then it had this extra gather beneath that neckline that showed the seam very badly ... it was like a defect in the manufacturing -- like they didn't line up the gather with the bottom of the collar, it just looks off and I think it throws off the rest of the material as well especially around the side bust as you can see in this photo. fix the neck and the rest will hang correctly.

loved the fishtail hem and the lovely locks!!!

Susan sarandon:

Well Ms. Sarandon is not my favorite person on a political level ... but this outfit just goes to show her poor judgement.

This woman is 62 yrs old -- her boobs have to be a few decades younger ... but really -- if they hang to your belly even with a super-support bra ....

This is NOT the outfit to wear.

Either hike those doggies up to your ears - or throw them under a full top and dress your age!

And the critics only saw an issue with her sunglasses and wearing her gotchas in public???

They say she had perfectly coiffed hair -- what?? she looks like she just came thru a ringer! maybe the wind picked up, or maybe the lights were too bright ... but she looks pale and ragged to me - like she was running late and only had time to throw on her outfit and not fix anything else.

I give her props for those shoes though -- I can not wear anything that pointy. I have the greatest suede boots with those italian toes and I can't wear them very often ... so hey, if she can wear them, go for it.

Glenn Close:
Now they picked on Glenn Close something fierce for wearing this gold outfit and making a silly pose.

I don't know -- I think she looks GREAT!!! She's 61 yrs old and look, Susan, she dresses for it AND still looks stylish.

They made fun of the gold pants -- but I think the whole outfit is pulled together really well.

It hides a multitude of flaws which come with age (sorry Glenn its a fact of life) and still emphasises those parts that are outstanding on her ... like her slim figure.

OMGs - I wish I could be that sleek.

and as for the silly pose? hey that's just Glenn -- she has always struck me as someone with a great sense of humor who knows better than to take hollywood too seriously ... otherwise why to 'Death Becomes Her' with Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis which pokes fun at it all.

I don't know about those shoes though -- those spindles just look deadly. She must have been a dancer at some point because she has got to walk on her toes for those to work.

Now the critics jumped all over her boobs popping out -- yeah they are a bit strapped in there and working towards her armpits ... but they aren't all that bad really.

I'm not a big fan of the side slit ... not so much that it shows so much leg -- but because she has some really ugly knees ... keep those things under wraps, or get some smaller heels so the knees don't get thrown out of alignment.

Side slits should be reserved for those with really nice knees and thighs (another shot gave her thunder-thighs, but I seem to recall she is more fit than that) and even then it takes a very special dress to pull it off.

I don't like the bunching of the material on the hip - it makes her look larger than she is ... but then looking at it, it could be a lining issue - see how it gets bunchy inside at the seam? its one of those things that a top-name designer should have caught before it left the shop.

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