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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In What World Does This Make Sense??

President Obama, who is willing to take away a State's right to define 'marriage' , is now going to allow them to determine the different standards for car emissions in their states .... I'm not sure yet if this will also be transferable to mpg or safety standards ... but this is bad enough.

Now remember what happened when they were having gas shortages this summer? and the question was why don't they just truck some stuff in from the surrounding states? well the answer was = state standards.

different states have different blends of gasoline depending on emission standards in that particular states ....

now we will have it with cars.

so the question then becomes ... if you buy a car in Montana, but live in California, can you get it registered there? what if you move to a state, will you be able to take your car with you?

hey - its a question.

But you all just hang on -- this is just the beginning of governmental fingers in the pie you are trying to feed your family with .... and that pie being your paycheck.

This will also mean that a car costing $50.000 in one state can cost only $23,000 in another state because of all the extras that would have to be on it -- oh well, and I guess which state is more likely to get those cars ...

And the poor manufacturers ... how will they ever keep up with the whims of the politicians??? you know those people who put their finger in the air to see what kind of dog to buy? or place to take a vacation? etc. etc.

kiss the big 3 goodbye people .... this will kill them faster than anything else.

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