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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Never Mind What the Naughty Hand Was Doing ...

that's an inside joke for MNs .... related to a guy who got pinched for inappropriate behavior with several massage patients of his whom he had used the line on and kept himself out of trouble for several months (yes these ladies kept going back, not sure if it qualified as a 'bad touch' or not) .....

Well now its Blago's turn -- he is arguing in front of the IL Senate making one last ditch effort to stand up for his job ... he is saying that only one of the 13 charges against him is being talked about.

Um, Gov? If even ONE of the charges are true - you are out of there!

He keeps trying to hide behind the 'voters elected me twice' shield .... question is, sir, would they have voted for you if they knew what you were really doing? I'm not so sure ....

Now I have only heard of the one charge (selling Obama's Senate seat) but knew there was a bunch of other stuff they didn't like either ....

Now -- thanks to Fox and DVR (if I don't have a brain fart and accidentally erase the data in storage like I did last time I tried something like this) -- here is the complete list of the charges against him:

1.) Plot to benefit from vacant Sen seat
2.) Plot to give money if editors fired
3.) Plot to help racing for contributions
4.) Plot to give contracts for contributions
5.) Plot to help hospitals for contributions
6.) Plot to appt Finance seat for contributions
7.) Plot to award contracts for contributions
8.) Plot to help hospitals for contributions
9.) Refusal to recognize Rules Committee
10.) Improperly procurring flu vaccines
11.) allowing questional med plan
12.) letting agencies to skip appropriation
13.) illegal hiring & firing of employees

OOOOO - he has thrown a bunch of other governors under the bus!! Listing them as 'co-conspirators' to get those flu vaccines .... The Governors of Tennessee and New Mexico might want to check their backs for tire marks ... GEEZ - way to "own" your mistake ....

"well, everyone else wanted to do it too" doesn't work for kids ... why the heck would it work for HIM????

You know -- I think he really does believe that the Ends justify the Means! It also sounds like he thinks that a certain amount of 'good' out weighs all the 'bad' he has done -- its the Solia-Defense!! (she can't be convicted for setting a bomb and killing a cop 30 yrs ago, she's been an upper-crust citizen for the last 10 yrs!)

Fox is reporting that he had said "The People approved of what I did" - that doesn't make it right though .... people do not understand the intricacies of the law - people don't know the restrictions placed on politicians so they don't try to profit from their positions .... that's like getting pulled over for a ticket and trying to argue with the officer that while you were the one in charge of the accelerator and the one who was watching the spedometer, no one else in the car complained at how fast you were going .... or trying to argue that the manufacturer must agree that the speed-limit is too slow because they make cars that could go 120 mph.

Now he's talking about his past, and his parents -- cue the violin music!!!!

He almost got the quote wrong - he almost said "the means should justify the ends", but he corrected himself but applied it to what the Senate was doing, not himself.

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