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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Proof Of Global Warming ... NOT

How's this for odd? Minnesota sled dog race canceled because of too much snow:

"The Third Crossing Sled Dog Rendezvous, slated for Jan. 23-24, would have been the ninth annual running of the sprint races, which twice were canceled for lack of snow.

This winter, as anyone with a driveway knows, has been a season of prodigious snows.

The Frazee area has received about 3 feet of snow, but winds keep creating drifts of 4 feet or more over the course, which was to host races of four to 14 miles."

Yes you read it right, after having to be cancelled twice for lack of snow ... now we have TOO MUCH snow.

C'MON -- its three foot not 20 .... now I'm all for safty of the dogs first (well, after the mushers) but there are other ways of handling this -- like having snowmobiles drive on the course for a week to pack it down ... or have volunteers (and yes they would have plenty from the local businesses that thrive on the tourist industry) shovel around the main route areas for dogs and crowds.

I think this is just taking it too far for such short distances (the routes for the differing races are only 4 - 14 miles long, which seems like a lot unless you are riding it .... the average person walks 2 miles a day).

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