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Friday, January 09, 2009

One of those 'DUH' moments ....

and its not mine, that's the great part ....

it belongs to people with a heck of a lot more education than me, that's the scary part ...

I heard on the news this morning that Drs are perplexed because the most previalent strain of the flu this year is the one which is resistant to the Flu Shot --- where for the last three or four years the shot has been able to cover the strains which showed up.

well duh!!!

That's kind of like buying a bag of mixed candy with one or two varieties that you don't like ... so you eat all the ones you do like ... and then wonder why suddenly there aren't a whole lot of the ones you do like - because there used to be a bunch of them there when you first got the bag!

Look .... it makes perfect sense. The shot allowed the uncovered strain to get stronger because it no longer had to compete with the other strains (kind of like the jack rabbit problem in Australia)

look - this is a problem of their own making that they knew could happen and that people seemed to ignore. Now the prevailant strain can NOT be treated with a shot -- and I do believe its the one that gives the biggest punch.

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