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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Yark Determination

KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul - COLEMAN: 'I will be ahead':
"Would Coleman be willing to go to the U.S. Supreme Court if he doesn't succeed in state court? He said he hasn’t ruled the idea out.
'I just want to make sure no vote is counted twice and I want to make sure every absentee ballot it judge by a similar standard so it's fair. If we get there, then we should have a result we can live with,' he said."
and that really is the biggest rub here right now since the States Attorney Gen won't look into the sudden influx of votes up north that forced the recount to begin with ... the double counting of ballots, not just the absentee ballots that were photocopied and then both forms counted - but also the counting of spoiled ballots and the re-dos for those ... and the counting of votes which had no paper forms to verify them (now isn't that what the big fuss was with the electronic booths? that there would be no paper trail to verify voting? so the Dems were against them?)

Actually I would love for this thing to go all the way to the US Supreme Court, I don't think its a question that other state's have ever faced before ... do you need a state standard for counting questionable votes on state wide offices? it would be different if it were a municipal seat or county office, but this was a state wide vote ... and none of the other races on the ballots are being considered at all -- so why wouldn't there have to be a regulated single standard for considering whether a ballot was valid or not?

I mean in one instance you would have a ballot be invalidated because it had a distinguishing mark, yet in another it would counted for something very simular .... or you would find that in one county a person outlining the fill-in circle counted but in another it was tallied as a no-vote .... there was even one ballot that they showed where the person clearly voted for Coleman, but since they had voted for Obama for President, the vote was tallied for Franken as an 'error' because the county judges felt that since the person had vote Dem for pres their intent was to vote Dem for the other offices too (this is not a primary - you ARE allowed to cross-party vote).

And of course Franken wants to stop this as fast as possible - just like Gore did down in FL .... the longer people have to think about it, the more likely he is to lose support ... also the more likely the Supreme Court will want to look at the ballots in question - although I don't remember if they actually looked at any of the ones from FL, but then that part of the case wasn't taken before them just whether the protest to the tallies had been placed on time and in proper form.

but if Coleman has got any chance he has to get his case to the USSC before Obama start appointing judges ... otherwise he's totally screwed.

Oh what am I saying? he already is! you could tell the way this was all going during the campaign when Franken's people got away with libel.

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