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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RECALL: Biscuits

It says 'biscuits' but I'm wondering if these aren't more like 'tea cookies' since they come in a metal tin: (UPDATE: went to company website and yes they are cookies, like danish butter cookies)

Interfood Shareholding Company Issues a Nationwide recall of Wonderfarm Brand Biscuits Because of Possible Health Risk:

"The Wonderfarm biscuits are sold in 800g red metal tins. The four varieties being recalled are:

Wonderfarm 'Successful' Assorted Biscuits (UPC:8935001262091)
Wonderfarm 'Royal Flavour' Assorted Biscuits (UPC:8935001263098) Wonderfarm 'Lovely Melody' Assorted Biscuits (UPC: 8935001263296)
Wonderfarm 'Daily Life' Assorted Biscuits (UPC: 8935001264200)

The manufacturer identified on the product is Interfood Shareholding Company in Vietnam."

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