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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting the full picture...

Now I have seen a lot of play of the bickering when Ann was there -- but very little coverage of the sniping that started before she came onto the set.

Personally I don't blame her for getting really really upset -- they have NEVER treated anyone else this way that I can remember .... it was beyond rude .... and I am shocked and disappointed with all their behavior - especially that of Barbara Walters who should know better.

Here's the part of the show that offended Ann (can't blame her, it was rude)

And here's the rudeness continuing after she came on set --- agree or disagree with her, you have to admit they treated her very unfairly and badly.

I have to wonder if Whoopi feels that you have to experience everything before you are allowed an opinion on it -- there's a lot of stuff that we know is wrong without having to experience it.

And yes Barbara did read the book with quite a bit of emphasis ... don't know if she read it like she would Mein Kampf, but she certainly made her opinion of the writing known ... and yes then she did change the way she read it when Ann was actually on stage. chicken.

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