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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Warmed over stew ....

but I have to point out that Reid should know better than to say things like this:

The Scorecard: 2008 Congressional campaign news and analysis -
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid offered the toughest language he has ever used in arguing that Norm Coleman’s career in the Senate is finished.

“Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate,” Reid told Politico’s Manu Raju. “He lost the election. He can stall things, but he'll never serve in the Senate.”

Al Franken was declared the winner today by the state’s Canvassing Board in the closely-contested Minnesota Senate race, defeating Sen. Norm Coleman by 225 votes. Coleman’s campaign has said it is contesting the result, preventing Franken from receiving an election certificate until all the legal challenges are resolved."
Franken has NOT been, nor can he be for at least a month now, declared the 'winner' by any one except himself and the media. They can't declare anything until all legal options are exhausted -- but the cards are stacked against Coleman ...

to see why you can just check some of the previous posts on the matter.

Right now the biggest obstacle in his way is the State Supreme Court Justice ... see he sat on the canvassing committee and is a strong democrat ... he will be the one who hand picks the three judges which will decide on Coleman's case -- any three judges he wants in the state .... wonder which kind of judge's he'll pick.

Franken's campaign keeps saying that Coleman's reasons for suing are just the same old arguments -- but that's only because the canvasing board (remember who sits on it) never gave them a clear hearing - it would have meant they would have to admit they made errors or that they were purposefully trying to give the election to Franken.... and they weren't about to do that.

They went thru the incredible lengths of checking EVERY voting machine in Hennipen county for Franken, and when the ballots they wanted couldnt be found - instead of discounting the missing ballots which they should have as if they had never existed, they pretended they were all real and ~boom~ another 300 magical votes for Franken ....

for those keeping score ... that's 400 magical votes from St. Louis county that triggered the very rare recount, and then 300 magical votes that flipped the leader.

However, when Coleman asked the board to look into 133 double counted ballots, the board refused because they felt it would take too long ... well actually I do believe the official statement was that it was just a 'theory' and there was no 'real proof' --- that has to be the lamest reason NOT to investigate that i've heard yet.

Well - I'm sliding off subject again -- Reid should not be pronouncing the death of anyone's political career -- all it does is feed the preception that the Democrats are out to steal this election!!

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