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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What the Hell Happened???

Here I was yesterday talking about what great taste Michelle Obama had in clothes yesterday, what great style she had and then she wore this UGLY outfit:

So how much did this monstrosity cost? can you believe $1500??? I thought she was supposed to be one for buying for less -- boy I guess the recession has really hit them, NOT!

Michelle Obama wears $1,500 Isabel Toledo shift on Inauguration Day:
"The outfit 'was made for Michelle with extra warm linings sewn into the [innerlinings] that she wouldn't freeze,' Toledo's husband told the Daily News.

A spring version of the dress - which will retail for around $1,500 - will hit Barney's in March."
Who told her that thing would look good?? It made her look fat (which she's not), it looked like something you would see on someone's grandma! UGH! and those shoes -- GREEN???!! What were you thinking? Was it supposed to be some 'Global Warming' statement? maybe if there was just a little green in the outfit, but not by themselves - what a faux pas.

She's lucky Blackwell is dead or she would be at the top of his list for this one.

But I liked the evening gown they show in the story also ... so it wasn't a complete loss.

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