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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very Interesting!

WoW!!so according to this ... Bush was actually MORE popular that Clinton at one point ... and there were several Presidents that were LESS popular than him! In Fact - Kennedy was on a down swing that more than likely would have gone lower because of the Viet Nam war that he started and Johnson had to finish - and you can see how that effected his numbers.

The way the Liberals were talking you would have thought that Bush was as bad as Hitler or something ... and I think a good bit of the down turn was because of the media's influence - they seemed to blame Bush for everything from the gas prices to the banking fiasco to businesses closing to global warming.

Well it will be interesting to see how Obama's numbers do ...
It would also be interesting to see if there are any indications as to the other President's approval ratings. My guess is that if someone had done it during his first term, Lincoln would never have been elected again -- after all, though the outcome was good, he did impede state-rights, force a war among states, help to break up the Union, cause massive suffering, allow torture & deplorable conditions for prisoners of war, and commission his own forms of WMDs.

I really wonder about these polls -- I also notice that the chart starts with FDR when there were polls taken as early as the 1920s ... my guess is because it would show at least one President who was a LOT more unpopular than GWB!

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