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Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay all readers in Mississippi listen up -- 8 inmates have escaped from Columbia MS jail .... one of them have been captured but as of now -- there are still 7 at large.

Marion County MS is in lock down ... total lockdown including private residences ... everyone told to lock their doors and stay inside -- I would think the surrounding counties should be on alert as well.

Here's the info I got from Fox News (minus the photos, sorry, but you can get them at FoxNews)

  1. Toney T. Clark; age 21; height 5'5"; weight: 160 lbs; Offense: Possession of Stolen Property CAUGHT
  2. John David Smith, Jr; age 18; height 6'1"; weight: 220 lbs; Offense: CAPITAL MURDER [sentenced to life]
  3. Mickah Lott; age 28; height 5'9"; weight 175 lbs; Offense: In Jail on Court Order [what the heck does that mean?]
  4. Derrick Rainey; age 22; height 5'11"; weight 140 lbs; Offense: Armed Robbery Conspiracy
  5. David L. Johnson, Jr; age 23; height 5'10"; weight 159 lbs; Offense: Charges Unknown at this time
  6. Eric Ball: age 19; height 6'0"; weight 160 lbs; Offense: Breaking & Entering
  7. Brandon Silas; age 18; height 5'9"; weight 175 lbs; Offense: Aggravated Assault
  8. Ricky Roberts; age 18; height 5'10"; weight 160 lbs; Offense: Burglary

Do not open your doors without making sure of who it is ... call 911 with any suspicious activity ... and whatever you do, do not try to subdue any of these men yourself!!

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