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Monday, February 23, 2009

Call the WAAAAA-mbulance

Wisconsin soldier refuses to return to Iraq -

"Spc. Kristoffer Walker, a member of the 353rd Transportation Company, says he was motivated to join the service after the Sept. 11 attacks. He enlisted in 2002 at the age of 21. But, Walker says he will no longer fight because he believes the war in Iraq is immoral.

He was scheduled to board a flight to return to duty last Friday after a two-week leave.

Walker has received an e-mail from the Army warning him of the consequences of going AWOL and asking him to reconsider.

The 28-year-old Army reservist has asked to be reassigned to dutylocally.

An Army spokesman says Walker needs to get back to his unit and work through the channels for reassignment."


You were an adult when you signed up, in fact you had been for quite a few years -- you were 21 yrs old. No one held a gun to you head and made you sign up .... no one drafted you .... you knew you were going to get sent over seas ....

and now you are going to refuse to go back??? YOU JERK!
I was going to call you a wuss, but I'm sure you have gone thru things I can only imagine and perhaps several things I can not ... so I don't think you are one of those.

But how dare you let down your fellow soldiers.

You made a commitment to the United States Armed Forces, to Her citizens, to Her President, and now you are going to buck it all because you suddenly have decided you want to stay home???

How dare you. I almost called him 'sir' but I do not think he earns that distinction.

You are 28 yrs old ... you've got maybe 2 yrs left on the maximum 8 yr sign up -- strap your 'gun' back on, grab your socks and GET BACK TO WORK!!!
For those who don't understand the 'gun' reference ... please rent "Ful Metal Jacket" and watch Gny Sgt Hartman (R.Lee Emery of 'Mail Call' on the history channel) teach the difference between a 'gun' and a 'weapon'.

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