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Monday, February 09, 2009

CA rebellion

Oh this sounds intriging -- I had heard that Gov. Swartzeneggar was having some issues but hadn't been able to catch a story on it due to outside influences (hubby gets upset if I watch too much news).

but here's what I caught this morning.

40 billion in state deficite.

Arnold is not sending money to counties .... delaying tax refunds ...

County are not sending tax revenues to the state .....

so they interviewed the L.A. county supervisor, Don Knabe, who started talking about how they are the largest county in America [maybe its time to break you up then] and how they have the most uninsured population in America [and how many of those are illegals???] ... they have a $23 billion budget.

so how many counties are planning on keeping the money?
  • Sacramento county filing lawsuit against the state
  • Riverside county also filing lawsuit against the state
  • Caloosa county threatening not to pay the state
  • Las Angelos county is looking at both sueing and keeping the taxes.
People on welfare & food stamps though will still get their funds -- everyone else will suffer, because they are mandated programs.

But before all the blame goes on Arnold -- it is being caused by the CA congress not balancing the budgets for last year or this year ... as they are supposed to by their own law.

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