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Monday, February 09, 2009

Interesting statistic

this just in from Bloomberg this morning ....

the $9.7 trillion that is being spent to try to pass this stimulus package would be enough to pay off 90% of the nations home mortgages.

yes you read that right - I had to do a double take too .... that would mean that if the government would pull their heads out of their political-asses long enough to pay attention .... they could solve the entire housing crisis which is what they blame for causing all the trouble in the first place.


oh the money is coming from TARP and other commitments that were made before and outside of the 'Stimulus package' that is being fough over now.
Now Fox openly admitted that this spending did start over 2 yrs ago (when Bush was being told he was doing nothing to stimulate the econ., apparently he was).

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