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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Freak Out

Freak Out time -- little things that 'freak me out' or make my blood boil .... like this week's annuncement that the Government who feels the need to limit the pay of CEOs of car companies ....

Are paying the Post Master General over $300,000/yr even though the Post Office is losing money, has raised postage prices nearly every year since he's been in, and the number of posted packages/letters has dropped.

Legistlators are voting themselves in raises while people in their state are losing their jobs .... the one that really tickled me this week was a story that John Kerry was going to have to start to economize and sell off a couple of his houses, but don't worry he is keeping the multi-million beach house in FL!

Does anyone else remember the grief that was given to McCain over his houses?? Sorry tangent again.

So here we have the government complaining about how much the Oil Execs are taking in, how much the CEOs of the car companies are taking in, how much the bankers are making .... how WRONG it is while they are laying people off ....

okay ....

the President makes $400.000/yr (I seem to recall them voting in a raise for him effective with Obama) ... while MILLIONS of people are out of a job and thousands are without a home.

Senators/Reps are earning hundreds of thousands plus expenses while their states are running into deficits that they can't possibly make.

Does anyone else wonder on the hypocrisy of it all??

I'm Freaking OUT about where the heck the leadership of this country is taking us ... and they worried about how Bush made us look to the world?

how the heck does this make us look?

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