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Friday, February 20, 2009

Clinton (Bill) on Obama

Okay - I caught part of this interview last night while waiting for my computer to complete its virus check (I wound up shutting it down) and was amazed to actually hear a Democrat -- and not just ANY Democrat -- speak bad of Obama.

He actually said that Obama is talking negative about the economy TOO MUCH ... and he is right. If the President keeps saying the word "Crisis" as he does in his speeches (I think the last one had 25 mentions in 1/2hr) then Wall Street is gong to panic and pull out .... people are less likely to spend their money and put it back into the economy (which is what it needs right now) and negative stories about the country shoot around the world.

Stop comparing this to the Great Depression - we are far from that right now ... and many historians have said that wouldn't have been as bad as it was if it hadn't been because everyone panicked when the economic down turn had started.

And if you look at what has happened - the down turn didn't begin, really, until the Democrats rev'ed up the rhetoric for the Primary/Caucuses ... that's not to say the there wasn't an issue with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, but it is to say that Wall Street didn't start to worry until people started holding back their money which didn't start to happen until it came from the podium that we were in the 'worse economic standing since the Depression - does anyone else remember this??

But it was amazing to hear Bill talking down Obama ... makes you kind of wonder what the 'staff meetings' are like at the White House these days ... I guess it will be a tad tense today ...

Does anyone else think that this is a little bit of 'sour grapes' from Bill because now he looses his status of "The First Black President"? Remember when they dubbed him with that moniker?

Hmmm, you know he got reinned in during the campaign for speaking out against Obama too much -- what what will happed to him now?

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